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Our approach to consulting in the not-for-profit sector recognises that improvements in performance only come about when people in organisations can see new possibilities and are motivated and resourced to achieve them.

We will work with you in a way that builds commitment and develops your organisation’s capacity for change.

Our work is also supported by strong evidence, for example from bespoke research that we have carried out, people surveys we have undertaken, together with insights from our own sector-wide benchmarking studies: People Count and Volunteers Count.


To find out more about our consulting services, contact Agenda Consulting at
01865 263720

01865 263720

Agenda Consulting, 27 Park End Street, Oxford. OX1 1HU
Company No: 4509427

Our partners

Association of Mental Health Providers AVM Charities HR Network CHS Alliance Hospice UK NCVO National Union of Students Voluntary Organisations Disability Group