Engagement Surveys

Pulse Surveys

Run short, regular surveys to keep in touch with your people on key issues and priorities.

What are Pulse Surveys?

Pulse surveys are short surveys of no more than 15 questions which are run on a regular basis. The most common frequencies are quarterly, every 6 months or annually

They can be used in between full surveys or instead of full surveys.

Many of our clients like a few core questions which they repeat each survey, and then vary the other questions from survey to survey.

Why run Pulse Surveys?

In these fast-moving times, they provide an up to date picture of how your people are feeling.

They enable you to find out more quickly how your initiatives are landing.

They enable you to be agile and responsive.

A regular programme of pulse surveys contributes to embedding a culture of two-way communication in your organisation.

Why work with Agenda?

We have considerable experience in designing and conducting pulse surveys and helping clients get the most insight.

Our technology platform ViewPoint helps you undertake deep analysis and track progress over time.

We have a wide range of survey questions to offer and for many we can provide external benchmarking for additional insight.

White paper: Keep your finger on the pulse

Why pulse surveys are a great tool for listening to your people. Download your copy of the white paper.

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