Respectful Workplace Survey

Provide a safe space for your employees and volunteers to give honest feedback, gather the information in a structured way, and base strategies on real experiences.

What is a Respectful Workplace Survey?

respectful workplace surveyIn recent years there has been a sea change in attitudes to abuse at work.

Organisations now realise that they have a responsibility to provide a safe space for their people. Organisations must put in place policies and processes that encourage people to report issues, then investigate complaints efficiently and effectively, rooting out abuse and abusers.

A respectful workplace survey asks your people for their experiences of discrimination, bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, and assault.

It asks for how well specific cases were handled and, more generally, for views on the organisation’s policies and processes and the willingness of people to use them.

What are the benefits?

  • Listen to the experiences of your people
  • Understand the incidence and type of abuse in your organisation and what people feel about your policies and processes
  • Identify hot spots which require management attention
  • Benchmark your results with other organisations
  • Obtain compelling evidence to drive change

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