Our INGO clients find that external benchmarking adds considerably to the insight they gain from their engagement surveys.


We are now offering INGOs the opportunity to benchmark their employee engagement survey results against 22 other INGOs that we have worked with in the last two years.

There is no cost to participate in this initiative.


What is involved?

  1. You send us your most recent engagement survey results for the organization as a whole.
  2. We will match your survey questions against our standard set of benchmark questions.
  3. Questions will only be able to benchmarked if they used a 5-point Likert scale (strongly agree – strongly disagree) and if at least three of the organizations in the benchmark group have asked the same question.
  4. You will receive a report comparing your results for your survey questions which match, against the benchmark group of INGO surveys.
  5. We will also offer a call to talk you through the results.


Who will you be able to benchmark against?

Amnesty InternationalIntraHealthMSI Reproductive ChoicesSave the Children Netherlands
Amnesty International UKIpasNorwegian Refugee CouncilSightsavers
Care International UKIslamic ReliefOxfam InternationalTetra Tech ARD
Catholic Relief ServicesLeprosy Mission InternationalPlan InternationalWaterAid
Conciliation ResourcesMalaria ConsortiumSave the Children International
Education Development CenterMSF UKSave the Children Italy

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Our partners

AHRMIO Association of Mental Health Providers AVM Bond CDR Charities HR Network Charity Comms CHS Alliance Heritage Volunteering Group Hospice UK Humentum Hospice Volunteer Managers Network National Care Forum NCVO Voluntary Organisations Disability Group

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