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Pulse Survey

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Organisations across the not-for-profit sector are increasingly incorporating Pulse Surveys into the annual work cycle.

Pulse Surveys complement your full survey, and are:

    • Short and easy to complete
    • Quick to administer and report
    • Lower cost and effort than a larger survey



Some of the common approaches our clients use are:

  • Full survey annually, pulse surveys quarterly
  • Full survey every 2 years, pulse surveys quarterly
  • Full survey every 2 years, pulse surveys annually



Pulse surveys contain mainly easy-to-complete statement questions, and can also include an open question for deeper insight into a specific issue. This enables you to:

  • Focus on key priorities from a previous survey
  • Concentrate on a particular topic of interest
  • Include some or all of the people involved in the larger surveys
  • Benchmark against your main survey, and peers


We offer you training throughout the survey. Reports are designed in the same style as main survey resports, including:

  • Analysis by department/demographic group
  • Graphical reports and query tool

Enquiries and bookings

To find out more about our Pulse Survey, contact:
01865 263720

01865 263720

Agenda Consulting, 27 Park End Street, Oxford. OX1 1HU
Company No: 4509427

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