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Maintaining employee engagement through organisational change


WaterAid’s employee engagement surveys give them the insight to create an environment where people are empowered to be their best self.

Clear communication and regular listening

WaterAid is an INGO working to provide clean water and decent sanitation in 28 countries around the world. The organisation has 7 member countries and employs over 1200 people.

Agenda Consulting has worked with WaterAid as their trusted survey partner since 2012 and supports the design, build and analysis of their regular survey programme.


  • Moving into a period of organisational change, WaterAid aim to frequently gather meaningful feedback from their employees and maintain high levels of engagement.
  • As a global organisation, it is key for WaterAid to get member country leaders on board with their engagement surveys, to gather feedback from as many of their employees around the world as possible.
  • WaterAid’s overall aim is to have a highly engaged workforce so that they can attract and retain the best people to achieve their mission as an organisation.


Drawing on Agenda Consulting’s expertise in helping organisations effectively listen to their people, WaterAid now incorporate pulse surveys in their survey programme, enabling them to more frequently gather feedback from their employees. WaterAid design their pulse surveys to gather feedback on specific issues that are identified as areas to explore in their full engagement survey results.

WaterAid have created a brand for their employee engagement surveys called ‘YourVoice’. They use this brand along with advanced planning so that their survey communications are consistent and impactful across the whole organisation. WaterAid also continuously communicate with their people about the progress being made off the back of the previous survey results.

Agenda Consulting’s knowledge and expertise has really supported us in understanding our survey results, as well as evolving our approach. With Agenda’s guidance, we introduced pulse surveys and that’s had a very positive impact on how we listen to our people.


  • WaterAid’s combination of full and pulse surveys means they can continue to regularly listen to the views of their people on priority topics, positioning the organisation to maintain high employee engagement through a period of change.
  • Through clear communications and creative survey branding, WaterAid can gather feedback from all member countries and understand how their people are feeling across the whole organisation.
  • By regularly running employee engagement surveys, WaterAid have the data to be able to create an environment where people are encouraged and empowered to be their best self.

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