Case Study

Employee Engagement Surveys for a purpose driven organisation

Plan International

Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. They strive for a just world, working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners.

Seeking deeper insight to drive positive change

Driven by senior management, in particular the CEO, Plan International conduct regular employee engagement surveys to gain a deep understanding of the organisation and track progress over time.

This understanding is crucial for Plan International to implement positive organisational change, have an engaged workforce, and deliver their strategy and purpose.

Seeking deeper understanding

With their employee engagement surveys, Plan International aim to understand:

  • How people experience their role, leadership, management, communications, culture, people processes and the organisation.
  • Levels of engagement and the key factors influencing it.
  • How the experience varies amongst different teams and what can be learned from this.
  • How results compare with other INGOs.
  • People’s views on what needs to change

A trusted survey partner

Working with Agenda Consulting on their employee surveys means that Plan International can:

  • provide employees with the confidence that their responses are confidential and anonymous.
  • ensure no one in the organisation is excluded from sharing their opinion.
  • learn from and leverage expertise in employee surveys as well as ensure methodology follows best practice.
  • benchmark with other INGOS.
  • run a range of reports easily and quickly including comparison with previous survey results.
  • ensure flexibility with the report creation and distribution – ensuring that reporting doesn’t have to be owned at the centre but can be locally led whilst globally connected.

Agenda Consulting is a trusted partner, from the design of the questions to the analysis of the results. Agenda always listen to our feedback and where possible adapt to meet our needs. Access to the expertise and experience that Agenda brings to the table makes this partnership invaluable.

Gaining insight to drive change

Plan International’s employee engagement surveys enable them to:

  • Demonstrate that the Leadership Team values employee feedback.
  • Understand the state of their Organisational Health, which is vital in achieving their purpose and ambition.
  • Understand how the organisation is doing in critical areas like engagement, employee wellbeing, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Strategy and more.
  • Use survey results to design initiatives and implement positive change.
  • Grow practices based on what employees share.
  • Have an engaged workforce to deliver their organisational purpose and strategy effectively.

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