Case Study

Taking engagement surveys off the HR manager’s plate


Crisis saved significant time and internal resource by outsourcing their global staff and volunteer surveys.

From in-house to outsourced

When Crisis started to survey their employees and volunteers, they conducted their surveys internally, which demanded significant time resource from their HR and volunteering teams. While they had the capability to run a good survey in-house, the analysis and reporting process took too long to get through in order to see timely action off the back of the survey.


  • Reduce the demand for internal time and resource from conducting employee and volunteer surveys.
  • Increase the efficiency of survey analysis and accessibility of reporting.
  • Make sure survey results are actionable.


Crisis outsourced their employee and volunteer surveys to Agenda Consulting. They were able to obtain their reports in a much shorter time period after closing the survey, and now use Agenda’s survey technology and tools to analyse their data and break down results by demographics.

Crisis has also benefitted from Agenda’s input into their survey methodology based on years of experience working with not-for-profit organisations on their people surveys.

Now that we are working with Agenda and utilising their evaluation tools we have been able to provide key insights to key stakeholders in the organisation quicker than we ever have before. This has allowed us to focus on driving change within the organisation, rather than needing to spend a lot of time preparing the data and creating the initial analysis.


  • HR and volunteer management teams can focus on the other elements of their roles other than surveys.
  • HR and volunteer management teams can engage with managers and key stakeholders to look to drive change in the organisation.
  • Employees and volunteers are able to see real change as a result of completing the survey due to the organisation seeing timely, actionable results.
  • As a result of outsourcing their surveys, Crisis are also now able to contextualise their results by benchmarking against peer organisations in the sector.

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