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Using survey results to develop an inclusive culture

Blue Cross

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Blue Cross use their people surveys to develop their culture of empowerment, inclusivity, collaboration, and communication.

Supporting strategic aims by gathering employee and volunteer feedback

Blue Cross is a UK-based charity caring for and rehoming pets with a vision that every pet will enjoy a healthy life in a happy home. The organisation has over 700 employees and over 3000 volunteers based in hospitals, centres, retail shops and office roles.

Agenda Consulting has worked with Blue Cross as their survey partner since 2020 and supports the design, build and analysis of their regular survey programme.

Listening to employees and volunteers

Running a biennial culture survey to gather feedback reminds Blue Cross employees and volunteers that their organisation is listening.

Blue Cross communicates their survey results to everyone in the organisation, including what is going well and what is going less well. With this, they let their people know what they are doing to address concerns.

At a directorate level, Blue Cross dives deeper into their results, using infographics to present the data and building individual action plans. Blue Cross empowers their directorate managers to take ownership of their action plans and make a difference in their teams.

By surveying their employees and their volunteers, Blue Cross can compare the experience across the two groups and identify trends throughout the whole organisation.

Inclusivity high on the agenda

Inclusivity is a real measure of success for Blue Cross, as they aim to represent the communities that they serve. Their Equality, Diversity and Inclusion survey has enabled them to develop an action plan in this area.

Getting people to respond to EDI surveys honestly can be difficult. Blue Cross is also using ways outside of their surveys to engage people in this conversation, such as EDI working groups and talking face-to-face.

Agenda Consulting have a pragmatic and friendly approach which has allowed us to build authentic relationships with the team. We can talk openly with the team at Agenda Consulting about our culture and strategic aims. They provide honest advice on survey design, based on what is right for our organisation, and expert guidance on analysing the survey results.


  • Focusing their biennial culture survey on their strategic aims enables Blue Cross to emphasise the importance of empowerment, inclusivity, collaboration, and communication, supporting their ‘One Blue Cross’ culture.
  • Blue Cross’s managers can take meaningful actions forward, based on feedback from their people which is specific to their area of work.
  • Feedback from their people in the form of data, supported by open conversations, enables Blue Cross to understand their people’s experiences of EDI issues, and create meaningful action plans to develop and maintain an inclusive workplace.
  • The ability to benchmark their survey results against other similar organisations using Agenda’s benchmark database enables Blue Cross to monitor how they are performing in comparison to their peers and track progress over time.

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