What is it?

Social Care Reward: Pay, Terms and Conditions 2021-2022 is the study which enables social care organisations to benchmark their pay and benefits packages for 29 front-line roles in 9 English Regions, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The study is conducted by Agenda Consulting and supported by the National Care Forum (NCF) and Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG).

Social Care Reward 2021-2022 is open to not-for-profit social care providers in the UK and analyses Pay, Terms and Conditions information as at June 2021.

The NCF Personnel Survey is included as a section in the same study for NCF members only. This makes it easier for you to complete both studies at the same time.


Why should you take part?

  • The Social Care Reward: Pay, Terms and Conditions 2021-2022 study provides you with up-to-date information on the reward packages offered across the not-for-profit social care sector, by region and role.
  • The study identifies variations across roles, regions and organisations.
  • Taking part enables you to see how competitive your reward offer is in attracting and retaining front line workers.
  • Participants can select organisations to compare results with from all organisations taking part in the study.
  • The study can be used to inform and shape reward strategies for the coming year.
  • Taking part provides valuable information for NCF members and the sector as whole.
  • It is part of your NCF membership benefits and costs you nothing to take part.

What do you get by taking part?

NCF participants receive 1 organisation scorecard, plus three published reports.

Organisation Scorecard:

A report which compares your own results with the results from the peer organisations you have chosen and the results from all participants. This will be available to download as a Word document AND view online, where you have the tools to drill down into every question for deeper analysis.

This scorecard is produced by Agenda Consulting and is available through your client area accessed via the Agenda Consulting website, for which you will be given a personal log-in.

Report 1: Social Care Reward 21-22: Pay, Terms and Conditions Report

This report is produced by Agenda and analyses the data from ALL participants. This will also be available through your client area accessed via the Agenda Consulting website.

Report 2: NCF Pay, Terms and Conditions 21-22 Report

This report includes the data from NCF members ONLY and is available from NCF.

Report 3: NCF Personnel report

This report is produced by NCF and analyses the data provided by NCF members. This is also available from NCF.

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