Keep your employee and volunteer survey action plan on track

We have worked with over 200 not-for-profit organisations on their staff and volunteer surveys. In our view, the hardest task is often to drive forward an effective action plan successfully over time.

Problems can include:

  • trying to work on too many priorities
  • losing control and focus
  • taking initiatives which are subsequently found to have had little impact.

In our experience, keeping an action plan on track involves three simple disciplines.


1. Choose priorities

Select no more than three organisation-wide priorities. Surveys frequently identify many areas which could be improved, but the key is to make choices about what is most important for your organisation at the current time so that that efforts can be focussed.

 2. Set measurable targets

For each priority define measurable targets which can often be based on survey questions.  For example one of our clients who had chosen leadership as one its priorities, set a 2018 target of 65% of staff being positive on the question I trust and respect the leadership team.

 3. Monitor progress and replan

Monitor progress at least annually. Running follow up surveys will enable you to ascertain whether progress is being made. For example, an organisation investing in leadership development whose survey results on leadership have barely improved may wish to reconsider their approach. Follow up surveys can also provide insight into which parts of the organisation have progressed and whether there are some teams that have not improved.


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