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Focus Groups

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Focus groups can be a good way to gather feedback from your people, where response rates to an online or paper survey have been low.

We have found that focus groups are useful where there are challenges of language or technology.  Listening to staff or volunteers and brainstorming solutions can be an effective way of gaining deeper insight into their experiences and understanding their perspective.

Focus Groups can be used to explore a particular issue in more detail, to understand the views of a particular group of people, or as an alternative to running a full engagement survey.

Typically Focus Groups comprise between 8 and 25 people and last around 2 to 4 hours. We are happy to facilitate the sessions, provide a report detailing the findings and deliver it to your team – or, we can work in tandem with you, depending on what you feel works best for your organisation.


You gain insights into:

  • Attitudes within the organisation
  • Areas to improve
  • How staff/volunteers experience your organisation differently in different groups or departments

Enquiries and bookings

To find out more about our Focus Groups, contact:
01865 263720

01865 263720

Agenda Consulting, 27 Park End Street, Oxford. OX1 1HU
Company No: 4509427

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