Introducing Volunteers Count


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Volunteers Count is a unique volunteer and volunteer management benchmarking study specifically designed for UK volunteer involving organisations. The study is run in partnership with the Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM), Charities HR Network (CHRN) and Voluntary Organisations Disabilities Group (VODG) and is led by a Steering Group of Volunteer Managers.

There are two ways in which organisation can be involved - as a participant and as a non-participant.


Participation in the study involves filling out a questionnaire, and on completion you will receive a organisational scorecard which sets out how your organisation's performance compares with 7 or more of your chosen peers and with the sample as a whole. This provides a powerful, tailor-made tool which you can use to develop your volunteer management function.


Non participants do not complete the online questionnaire.  You can purchase the sector wide reports

Key topics covered include:

•    Profile of volunteers including diversity
•    Recruitment and selection
•    Posting/deployment
•    Retention
•    Learning and development
•    Performance management
•    Communications
•    Value of volunteering including social return on investment
•    Volunteer management function

Benefits for participating organisations:

•    Provides early warning signs of potential issues
•    Gives reassurance for what is already working well
•    Helps determine priorities for action
•    Learn about good practice through case studies of high performers
•    Measure and demonstrate the added value of your volunteer management function

To join the study please Click here.